Did I break it? Sleepless Nights with the 16-month old

September 22, 2016

It's been so long since I started down this road.  Now on my fourth child, he is almost 16-months old.  Very much lovable, as many toddlers are (I love this age), the nights are pure horror, whereas his first year of life was a walk in the park in the sleep department!  Whether it be teething or something else, he is up and fumbling around from 2am onward.  I nurse and try to put him down in the same cycle for up to 2 hours before I give up, call my co-parent for back-up, and/or just let him scream it out, waking up everyone else in the household and probably neighbors too.

I was up last night from 2:27 until 5:12 AM, and during my awake time I crafted strategy for tonight's wake up:

  • Be disciplined.  When he wakes up, he no longer needs to eat, right?  Maybe just go see him in the crib, pat his back as he drifts back to sleep.
  • Show stamina.  I can't crumble.  I need to stay with it.  Don't let him into the bed.  
  • Use drugs.  Does it seem like the teeth are what are bothering him?  I should use the advil/motrin/tylenol as it seems like it makes sense
  • Get my co-parent on board.  We need to be aligned on the strategy.  At one point this morning, I noticed a glow from the other side of the bed, and there was my toddler watching Elmo on my partner's phone as he snored!

Please: may tonight be a better night.  I cannot be a zombie any longer!

September 20, 2016

I became a parent almost 16 years ago to this day, and I had always been drawn to the "love and logic" parenting approach. Upcoming in PDX is a one-day session by Dr. Charles Fay. If you can afford a day learning about it, check it out! Upcoming on October 18th 2016: https://www.loveandlogic.com/portland-oregon-oct-18-2016